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Suanne Waugh, Monday, 25 March 2019

Pony Club affiliation must be renewed and paid before Riding Membership Cards will be released from the PCV Office.

  • 2019/2020 Club Affiliation Fees | $25 (flat fee for all clubs)
  • Due Date: 30 APR 2019

How do I renew my Club’s Affiliation with Pony Club Victoria?

To renew your Club’s affiliation with Pony Club Victoria you need to login into MyPonyClub Club Administration and undertake the Affiliation Renewal process, see the instructions below.

STEP 1. Log into MyPonyClub Club Administration Portal (contact the State Office if you don’t know how to do this 03 8685 8925)


STEP 3. Go to Manage Affiliation

STEP 4. Follow the steps on the screen updating information as required.

STEP 5. Pay via credit card or your Club will be invoiced by the State Office.


Ring the PCV State Office on 03 8685 8925 if your Club has questions or needs assistance to undertake this process.


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